Saturday, January 7, 2012

About Me!

Hi everyone! My name is Megan Sperger, and I'm an (almost) 16-year-old teenage girl living the raw/vegan life.  I eat mostly raw, but do eat cooked foods every now and then.  I love to sing, act, read, and write, and of course cook and create recipes! I try to update my blog as much as possible, but don't always post right away.  I try to live a healthy lifestyle, besides food--which includes yoga, exercising, and for me, reading the Bible :) I am also a proud Christian. 
Just for anyone out there who isn't necessarily a vegan, I am not one of those hard-core vegans who looks down upon anyone who still eats meat/dairy.  I try to live a compassionate, nonjudgmental lifestyle, and though I encourage veganism and think it's great, I won't condemn the people who don't 'convert'! :)
Lastly, I love taking food pictures, but don't have a very good camera.  So please excuse the bad quality and lighting of my pictures.  :)
Oh, and one more thing.  Sorry about the smiley usage--I seem to have a problem with overusing keyboard keys to express my emotions. :)

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